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1503 West 18th Street.

Houston Texas 77008


Jester Village Shopping Center 

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Main Gallery 

 Works by Gerard Caliste

ReOwne series  2009-current

 In early 2009 I created a humanoid sculpture. The piece  made  of my old collage radio merged with various recyclable material of my personal post consumer product containers. The plastics, glasses,metals, and fabrics made the perfect base structure for the mixed media assemblege works. The series grew adundantly.  The preservation of these material  reimagined as a fine art. Re Owned is literally re owning the material into a new energy , re defined as a fine art statement. look. The material manifested into mixed media Painting, Sculpture and finally evolving into a Sci-Fi story  and  a song about the figures and the  world that they orginated.  The clothing concepts  onto the  previous own clothes complimenting the overall ReOwne concept.  The painted garments are moving pieces of art that is given life by the person wearing the piece taht can always be cherished and treated like a fine art piece.  reOwn will be a on going concept. 

The ReOwned series debut exhibited during in New Orleans Prospect 4 and  YAYA Art Center in November 2017 is currently on exhibit at ge.Cali Studio Gallery Feb 15, 2019- May 15, 2019

PROSPECT 4 satellite exhibit YAYA arts center 2017

ge.Cali Studio Gallery